A little about me

A native Washingtonian, Jennifer spent many of her years living in various areas of Maryland. As a former event planner, budget manager and supervisor of 10+ years, Jennifer found the transition into real estate to be smooth and very familiar. Utilizing skill-sets from her professional career, Jennifer understands the power of excellent negotiation skills, organization, time management, creative approach to problem-solving, contract management, and most important, good communication and people skills. Acknowledged for her business acumen, integrity and charismatic style, Jennifer’s traits are a natural fit for the competitive real estate market.

Jennifer’s professional accomplishments are a testament to her worth as an Agent. Thanks to her loyal clientele and dedication to growing her business, Jennifer has earned multiple real estate awards and designations to help keep her skills sharp throughout the years. Jennifer’s sales are evidence of her talent for cultivating trust-based, long-term relationships. It is her pursuit of precision that generated extraordinary business results in everything she does.

Jennifer extends her knowledge and expertise to her clients by personally walking them through each stage of the process of buying, selling, leasing and/or relocating. She is committed to leveraging her years of professional experience to help people fulfill their real estate goals and dreams, and deliver the lifestyle they desire. Overall, Jennifer is dedicated to helping you make the right move!